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Possible Regression: EditorApplication.ExecuteMenuItem won't execute a menu item hidden by an active Editor Mode



Load the attached project.
Under the Metacast menu there are two items of note. Toggle will toggle in and out of Metacast mode, and Execute Menu Test will attempt to execute the menu item "GameObject/3D Object/Cube"

Depending on which mode the project is in when you open it, use the toggle if neccesary to ensure the editor is NOT in Metacast mode
Execute the Menu Test and see that a Cube is created
Next, use Metacast->Toggle to go into Metacast mode
Execute Menu Test again and note the console error and no cube is created

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 2022.1):

    This is by design. Our menu rework now enforce calling an existing menu item with EditorApplication.ExecuteMenuItem.

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