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Plugin importer is changing my binary dll meta files

Asset Importers


When a project gets imported with dlls that don't have valid PluginImporter settings, the metafile gets written back to disk with changes.

How to reproduce:
- Unzip on your computer.
- Copy/Paste the Plugins folder in a new Unity project.
- Open/focus back Unity so it imports the Plugins folder
- Compare Plugins/x86_64/abci.bundle.meta with the one from the zip file.

Actual: The metafile changed.
Expected: Metafiles should never change until users perform explicit changes to the importer settings.

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  1. 973227956e3d8eda18a3570d768711ba?d=mm


    Apr 16, 2020 12:37

    Thank you for sharing the informative post. Your article gave me a proper idea about the DLL metafiles and the PluginImporter settings. You gave a detail description and easy to follow. Can you please add more about the Plugin importer?

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