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Fixed in 2017.3.0f3

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[PLM] Progressive Lightmapper crashes with transparent shader (render queue = 3000)

Progressive Lightmapper


Steps for reproduction:
1) Download project `AreaLightCrash` below
2) Open the scene `Skybox`
3) Generate the lighting
4) Observe the crash

- Issue became noticeable when new light modes feature for Progressive Lightmapper is merged (introduced in 2017.3.0a5)
- Before 2017.3.0a5, editor didn't crash but baking process used to get stall for awhile but it always managed to finish baking successfully
- Re-authoring normals of the mesh in a DCC package resolves the issue
- Re-calculating the normals in Unity editor and changing `pushoff` parameter of the custom lightmap parameter resolves the issue (no more crash)
- Crash doesn't occur when standard shader is assigned to GameObject called "NightRoom_Skybox"
- Crash doesn't occur when another type of light is used in place of area light
- Crash only occurs when `Lightmap Resolution` is equal or higher than 19
- Crash is not related to `View Prioritization`, issue occurs regardless of this option
- Crash occurs regardless of supersampling
- Issue is not related to directional lightmaps
- Issue is not related to backface tolerance

- Workaround solution is to change the render queue of a transparent shader from 3000 to another value

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  1. BradZoob

    May 16, 2019 03:30

    Thanks immensely for this, by extending the standard shader in Unity 2019+ i was able to set the queue to 3100 for materials using transparent rendering and my lightmapper crashes ceased and finally it actually completes on those halted rendering jobs, no longer taking 6 hours to do nothing.

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