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Playhead representation on scroll bar does not account for user viewing outside playable area

Package: Timeline


Currently the white bar representing the current playhead position on the horizontal scroll bar is set to be relative to the playable timeline length. This is fine for about 99% of cases, but in case a user would scroll out of bounds of the timeline and want to jump back to where the playhead is, they’d not snap to the correct position.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Open any/new project
2. Open the Timeline window
3. Select any Gameobject
4. Create a Timeline
5. Create an Activation track
6. Position the playhead towards the end of the playable area in timeline
7. Using the right arrow on the horizontal scroll bar, scroll the viewport for a while
- Other methods of getting the scroll bar to be all the way to the right work as well
8. Click directly on the white bar on the scroll bar to snap the view on the playhead
- Note it does not snap to the playhead, but instead to a different point
- Functions correctly if trying to jump to playhead while within the playable area on the timeline

  1. Resolution Note:

    The risk and cost of refactoring the system to make this work in a nicer fashion is too high for what we have to gain in addressing it.

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