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Placement of parent/child gizmos

Scene/Game View


To Reproduce:

1. Create number of cubes.
2. Create an empty gameobject, and set is as parent of the cubes.
3. Select all the children, BUT not the parent gameobject.
4. Move the children cubes away from the parent. Notice the transform values change. Now select the empty parent object. The transform gizmo is displayed in the same position as when selecting only the cubes, but the transform values are different.

1. When a group of objects is selected, the average position of the group is what should be displayed with a gizmo. The transform in the inspector should be temporary, not belong to any individual object.

2. When an object is selected the gizmo should center on the object's position as it is in the transform, even if the object is empty (not visible)

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  1. B42b5b3559301c40cbbdceb26292696a?d=mm


    Feb 05, 2020 01:28

    I would recommend to check this out for that matter:

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