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Performance: Frame drop when a large embedded graph is visible in the inspector window.

Package: Visual Scripting


See here for more details (or see attached video): []

Unity 2021.1f0, Windows 10.

Repro steps:
# Open a project
# Set up a gameobject with an embedded script or state graph
# Edit the graph and make it as large as possible (to make the effect as noticeable as possible)
# Have the inspector for the gameobject visible
# Have the graph window visible
# Drag around on the graph window, notice how slow / fast it is
# Hide the inspector or the machine component on the inspector
# Drag around again to notice how much faster it is

Reported by Discord user @PurerLogic


  1. Resolution Note:

    This will be fixed with the integration of GTF in 2023.1. Right now, fixing this is really risky.

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