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[Perforce] Changes to the VFX graph can be made without checking out the graph

Package: Visual Effect Graph


1. Create a new HDRP Project and add the Visual Effects package to it
2. Set it up to use Perforce's version control
3. In the Project Window create a new Visual effect
4. Submit the new files to Perforce
5. Click on the newly created Visual Effect and observe its Inspector window (The file is not checked out yet its settings can be changed)
6. Change one of the settings and observe that the asset is still not checked out
7. Open the graph and add any node to it and save
8. Observe that the asset isn't checked out

Expected result: the graph isn't editable before checking it out in Perforce
Actual result: the graph's settings are editable before checking out both in the Inspector and when double-clicking to open the graph mode

Reproduced with: Visual Effects Graph version 5.7.1; 5.2.0 (On the 2019.1.0b7 version as the 2019.2 versions throw errors when importing the package)

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