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[Particles] Particles render as trails in 5.4



Particles are rendered with trails in 5.4; there are no issues in 5.3.

Steps to Reproduced
1. Download the users reproduction project. See bug attachments for * project.
2.Open the project in the 5.4 editor
3.Open 'Edit->Project Settigns->In Control' and select Setup InputManager Settings
4.If not already open, open the 'introGarage' scene
5.Connect a controller (probably an Xbox/Xbox One controller)
6.Click 'Play' in the editor
7.Using the Left Stick of the controller move the circular dots cursor over the top left green button
8.Click the green button to trigger the particles. Other buttons also produce the same particle effect.

The generated particles have trails

Expected Result:
Generated particles should not have trails (as in 5.3)

Notes: Running through the same steps in 5.3 there are no trails on the particles.

Comparison screenshots are attached below.

Reproduced in:
5.4.0b22 (518a15457bf6)
5.4.0b17 (a34abf3bb95e)

Does NOT reproduce in:
5.3.5p4 (f55402cb6571)

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