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Particle systems parameter curves cause Assertion failed errors



How to reproduce:

1. Open attached project
2. Open "particleTest" scene
3. Press Play

Expected behavior: no errors
Actual behavior: lots of errors appear in the Console window:

Assertion failed on expression: 'curveT >= GetRange ().first && curveT <= GetRange ().second'
Assertion failed on expression: 'curveT >= m_Curve[lhs].time && curveT =< m_Curve[rhs].time'

Note: No errors if Rotation by speed is disabled
Reproducible: 5.4.4f1, 5.5.0p3, 5.6.0b3

Comments (7)

  1. shubhamswaraj2021

    Aug 18, 2020 11:43

    good one <a href="">lyricsauto</a>

  2. LiGo

    Jan 22, 2019 08:11

    Still having this problem in 2018.2.2f.

  3. Yndras

    Jan 15, 2018 00:44

    I am still having this problem in 2017.3.0f3. It is a problem in the Trailrenderer.

  4. Jaroslav-Stehlik

    Mar 12, 2017 20:10

    I have this issue with Unity 5.5.1
    And I have only one AnimationCurve in script and whole scene.

  5. Killrham

    Mar 02, 2017 20:42

    I'm still having this issue, but with line renderer

  6. Rainking

    Jan 26, 2017 22:07

    Just found out it is not my Particle System but my TrailRenderer

  7. Rainking

    Jan 26, 2017 21:41

    Rotation by speed is disabled in my case, I still see it

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