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Black light probes after duplicating baked geometry during the bake with CPU Lightmapper

Progressive Lightmapper


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Steps to repro:
1. Open the attached project and 'ProgressiveLightmappingExample' scene;
2. In the Lighting window (Window>Rendering>Lighting) press Generate Lighting button;
3. Once the left bake time is visible in the progress bar in the Hierarchy select "SpiceBags02" gameobject and duplicate it (cmd+D);
4. In the Scene view move the duplicated gameobject with using transform gizmos;
5. Wait until GI bake is completed;
6. Observe the light probes in the Scene view.

Expected result:
The light probes in the scene are lit by the scene light.

Actual result:
Light probes in the scene are black. See attached video and screenshots.
Regression introduced in Version 2020.2.
Workaround is to clear GI Cache and baked data and rebake GI.

- Reproducible in Versions 2021.2.0a15, 2021.1.2f1, 2020.3.6f1, 2020.2.7f1-dots;
- Not reproducible in Versions 2019.4.25f1;
- Reproducible on OSX and Windows10;
- Reproducible in Editor and Standalone Player.

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