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OnDrawGizmosSelected() is called twice when selecting child GameObject after selecting a parent GameObject

Scene/Game View


Reproduction steps:
1. Open user's project ""
2. Open "SampleScene" Scene
3. Make sure to not place your mouse cursor on Scene View to not cause any redrawings
4. In the Hierarchy window expand "Empty Parent" to see its children and then select the "Empty Parent"
5. Notice one "Draw" message in the Console
6. Select "Empty Parent" child "SpawnPoint"
7. Notice two "Draw" messages in the Console
8. Clear Console window and click on empty space in the Hierarchy window
9. Select "Empty Parent" child "SpawnPoint"

Expected result: Only one "Draw" message gets printed out both when child GameObject is selected first and when it is selected after parent GameObject
Actual result: Two "Draw" messages get printed out when selecting a child GameObject after selecting parent GameObject, and one "Draw" message is printed out when selecting child GameObject first

Reproducible with: 2020.1.0a9, 2020.3.8f1, 2021.1.7f1, 2021.2.0a16
Not reproducible with: 2019.4.26f1, 2020.1.0a8
Couldn't test with: 2018.4.34f1 (Couldn't downgrade to a functioning project)

Note: Similar and more complicated behavior can be observed by clicking around in the "LootArea" GameObject and its child GameObjects

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    This is a duplicate of issue #1326407

    Nested Objects Draw Gizmos twice when using DrawGizmo

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