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[Oculus] Black screen when resume from sleeping mode on Quest



Repro steps:

1. Build APK with 2018.3.x (I tested 2018.3.0f2+OVRPlugin 1.32, and 2018.3.0f1+OVRPlugin 1.31)
2. Run it on Quest
3. Press power button to get the device to sleep
4. Press power button again to awake the device
5. The device will stuck in black screen, and the following logs are dumped:

Comments (5)

  1. Ruud3DV

    Jan 22, 2019 00:14

    Also happening on Oculus Go with APK build with Unity 2018.2.4f1 and OVRplugin 1.27.0.

  2. pimend

    Jan 12, 2019 04:39

    Also happening on Oculus Go!

  3. cloud_canvas

    Jan 10, 2019 00:41

    We're getting this spammed to logcat when waking up to a black screen:
    01-09 16:25:56.418 3015 3031 W VrApi : vrapi_GetPredictedTracking2: ovr->Destroyed
    01-09 16:25:56.419 3015 3031 W VrApi : vrapi_GetPredictedDisplayTime: ovr->Destroyed

  4. andym_sv

    Jan 10, 2019 00:36

    This is happening on the Oculus Go also!

  5. nick_stage

    Jan 10, 2019 00:33

    Can confirm that this is also true on the Go and was triggered by the upgrade from 2018.2.x to 2018.3.x. This is a showstopper and needs to be fixed immediately.

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