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Occlusion does not work when scene is loaded from an Addressable



1) open project ( UUM_10842_MinReproV5 )
2) File > Build settings > Build player > Select Android > Click Switch platform
3) Edit > Project Settings > Player > Android Tab > Change scripting backend to IL2CPP
4) window > asset management > addressables > Build > New Build > Default Build script
5) File > Build settings > Build player
6) install apk to device
7) run app
8) click next scene button
9) wait till new scene loads (hint for confirming: there are no buttons in new scene)
10) check that only green cube is visible

Expected: step 10 - red cube is not visible
Actual: in step 10 - red cube is visible

Reproducible with: 2020.3.37f1, 2023.1.0a23

Repro confirmed on:
Galaxy S22 (Android)


- workaround A) no repro with Scripting Backend = Mono in Project Settings > Player Settings > Android tab
- workaround B) no repro with Strip Engine Code OFF in Project Settings > Player Settings > Android tab (note: checkbox only appears when IL2CPP is chosen already)

- Repro confirmed with builtin and URP

- No repro on Windows (DX11, after changing Scripting Backend to IL2CPP in PC, Mac And Linux Standalone settings tab)
- No repro after rebaking occlusion in OcclusionScene1
-- Because baked occlusion ignores static occluders with transparent materials (as per docs)
-- It works by default because the baked data was created when the wall object had an opaque material, then a transparent material was assigned to the wall afterwards.

Comments (3)

  1. glmssys1

    Oct 24, 2022 01:32

    Still a problem in Unity 2021.3

  2. JinaJina

    Sep 05, 2022 03:40

    I too have the same problem in Unity 2019.4. :(

  3. jjppowk

    Aug 29, 2022 06:51

    I have the same problem in Unity 2019.4.

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