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Objects lit by lightprobes do not match lighting on static lightmapped objects

Global Illumination


To reproduce:
1. Open attached project
2. Open the scene "Light Probes"
3. Bake lights
4. Observe that the static object is darker than the non-static one.
This happens both with linear and gamma, and both in forward and deferred modes.

Note: This behavior is even more visible in 5.2.4f1 and 5.1.4f1, but that is probably expected due to case 672202

Comments (9)

  1. Futurerobot

    Jun 14, 2016 17:09

    Tested in 5.3.5p3, and there's still issues with the testcase. Lightprobes get a bright spot in the opposite direction of the light.

  2. Unity-Nikos

    Jun 10, 2016 09:48

    Fixed in 5.3.5p3 and 5.4.0b21

  3. KRGraphics

    May 18, 2016 00:58

    I hope this gets fixed in 5.4... there should be no visible disparity in scenes using light probes...

  4. R0man

    Apr 13, 2016 07:46

    Does anyone know how to access lightprobe data? I would love to actually use some competently programmed programs to bake lightprobes externally.

  5. Diego-Ras

    Apr 05, 2016 15:05

    Same problem in 5.3.3f... Objects using light probes are too bright on the scene.

  6. StenCG

    Mar 07, 2016 20:16

    subscribe :|

  7. Stephen-MF

    Feb 18, 2016 14:18

    Got same problem...
    Fact. Lightprobes have not worked since Beast in Unity 4

  8. HG_Kim

    Feb 05, 2016 06:50

    I have same problem in 5.3.2f1. Light probes that receive direct-lights has strange dark spot and contrasts. But probes with indirect-lights (ambient from skybox, etc) are just fine.
    This was just fine in 5.3.1f1, but problem has roll backed 5.3.2f1 !!

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