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Object can't be turned into a prefab when it has a Playable Director component with a TimelineAsset assigned

Asset Import Pipeline


Steps to reproduce:
1. Open Test scene from project
2. Select Cube object from hierarchy
3. Try dragging cube to the Project window to make a prefab

Expected result: prefab is created
Actual result: impossible to create a prefab

Reproducible: 2017.1.3p1, 2017.2.3f1, 2017.4.1f1, 2018.1.0f2, 2018.2.0b3

Note: since Version 2018.2.0a6 prefab can't be created from an object which has Playable Director component. (even without PlayableAsset)

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    Resolution Note:

    It is only when timeline preview mode is active, it is not allowed and that is by design. To create a prefab, it is necessary to leave preview mode.

Comments (8)

  1. D10952760b6693d970f349098e4f2fd6?d=mm


    May 26, 2020 19:04

    Thanks to YoloJero, the simple solution of unchecking preview in the timeline window worked for me!

  2. F4c793c2349c48bc60dd06867fe9430f?d=mm


    Jan 22, 2019 02:52

    add playableDirector component to a prefab instance and override it will cause unity crash.

  3. B381adfcbab07ac9024019b340f47951?d=mm


    Sep 11, 2018 08:59

    YOLOJERO's workaround seems to work.

    Some clarification about why this is by design would be great. This is certainly causing conflicts in our workflow not being a prefab.

  4. Bd236ddb418d5b65aaa18efa0eaf1215?d=mm


    Aug 22, 2018 10:08

    Here is the solution I just found:

    In the "Timeline" Window deactivate the "Preview" => now you can save it as prefab :)

  5. E1ecb4a787f9d01ed9dbdfe449484191?d=mm


    Jul 13, 2018 10:15

    Not sure why this is by design as it works fine once after a restart. It's not like it's disabled by design unless you restart - that's surely a flaw not a design choice.
    E.g. Create a timeline, parent stuff to it, try to create a prefab (won't work). Restart Editor, try again, works!

    Also GTZPower, the disabled apply button seems to only be the root with the Playable Director on it. You can apply from the sub-objects just fine.

  6. C47ffd0200d846e580bfb7758463dffb?d=mm


    Jun 19, 2018 01:11

    Sorry, should have read more closely: why is this by design?
    In my case, the timeline is only referring to children of the object that I want to make a prefab, so everything is self-contained.
    The OP's workaround doesn't work completely, as my control-track references to sub-timelines are invalidated when the prefab is instantiated.

  7. C47ffd0200d846e580bfb7758463dffb?d=mm


    Jun 19, 2018 00:55

    Still an issue in 2018.1.3f1

  8. 4bc8d8ac00ca37b84835f0258ac3aed2?d=mm


    May 11, 2018 15:26

    Also seeing this issue in 2017.3.1f1. I am unable to apply changes to an existing prefab with a playable assigned to the Playable Director component. Clear the playable assignment, and the "Apply" button becomes enabled.

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