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NavMeshAgent.hasPath is false when agent is crossing an OffMeshLink



hasPath becomes false on OffMeshLink

Run "test" scene in attached project. Agent is folowing to destination and there is an OffMeshLink on it's path:
- before link: hasPath = true;
- on a link and one frame after: hasPath = false (expected true);
- after link and till the destination: hasPath = true;

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  1. silvershunt

    Mar 07, 2017 17:39

    Is this really resolved?
    Please post the "test" scene that was mentioned on the description. I want to use the scene file to re-check. I am using 5.5 and experiencing this issue. On my scene file, I have two small NavMeshArea islands. After running the scene, the agent gets to moved back and forth in a sort of loop, between the off-meshlink immediately after arriving on the opposite side, and even before reaching the destination. Workaround is to use "remainingDistance" or "Vector3.distance".

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