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Moving rotated object in scene window along axis, changes values of other coordinates

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To reproduce:

1) Download and open project
2) Open scene1 scene
3) Select the obj_player object
4) Move the object in scene view along any axis or plane
5) Notice that in the inspector all the coordinate change their value

Notes: this can only be reproduced when an object is rotated and has a child object (while testing, I tried moving another object in the scene and the results were as expected).

Comments (2)

  1. Ac129e2d5e0c9407c65a1ca7ed0dff08?d=mm


    May 04, 2014 14:19

    Also, it seems translation units also screwed up, as nested object moved farther when applied same translation as for non-nested game object.

  2. Ac129e2d5e0c9407c65a1ca7ed0dff08?d=mm


    May 04, 2014 14:12

    I can give another, simplier reproduce steps:
    1) Create empty Game object
    2) Create second Game object and attach it to the first one
    3) Rotate first Game object to, say, 90 degrees along Z axis
    4) Try to move nested game object along any handle with global rotation - it will not change only along single axis

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