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[Mobile][UI] Scroll Rect contents leave screen boundaries and ignore custom colors on mobile devices



Steps to reproduce:
1) Open the attached project.
2) Build and deploy on an iOS or Android device.
3) Press 'Upgrades' button.

A Scroll Rect is displayed on the screen; it doesn't contain any entries, a scrollbar is shown on the right, even though it is not visible in editor mode.
Scroll area has default coloring, even though the background should be black.

This issue does not reproduce when running via Unity Remote app.

Reproduced on:
2018.1.0a1 (1442398fd94a - trunk as of 2017/10/12), 5.5.0b4

Devices tested:
iPod Touch 6th gen iOS 10.2.1 (Metal)
Samsung Galaxy S7 Android 7.0 (OpenGL ES 3.0)

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