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Mismatched serialization in the builtin class 'Mesh'



To reproduce:
1. Open attached project
2. Open MismatchError scene
Expected result: No error
Actual result: Error is thrown: Mismatched serialization in the builtin class 'Mesh'. (Read 295476 bytes but expected 295477 bytes)

Comments (31)

  1. doloresmiles7

    Jun 22, 2020 06:49

    At first there were some errors. But we have fixed that by watching tutorials. Visit this page - , you can suggest any edits.

  2. Williams4

    May 21, 2020 10:43

    I am so much troubled by seeing Mismatched serialization that is popping up on my screen on a regular basis. A useful idea about how to tackle this problem is given on site which would be appreciated otherwise I am leaving this discussion forum.

  3. jack3821

    May 13, 2020 19:17

    You have to define all the project instructions in a good way and pick the right place to save it. The share some of the methods which you can get if you want.

  4. Rene-Damm

    Jun 16, 2014 15:48

    This bug specifically affects meshes imported/created with 3.5.0 and loaded into Unity 4.x. 3.5.0 had a rather tricky bug in mesh serialization which was fixed in 3.5.1 but which requires a workaround serialization path in 4.x. This code path was missing a bool field thus leading to the error here (the mesh would still load more or less correct, though).

    Fixed in 4.5.2.

  5. Steven Walker

    Jun 12, 2014 17:43

    I am still getting these errors in 4.5.0f6 with no apparent solution or work around :/

  6. EightBitNine

    May 09, 2014 15:27

    It now says voting disabled for resolved issues. WTF, how do you say that you "won't fix" something, but then say that its fixed? Did I just wake up in freaking OPPOSITE LAND?

  7. deli73123

    Apr 15, 2014 23:17

    It seems like the people who run this Issue Tracker are extremely inconsistent in how they deal with errors.
    I don't understand why they would even HAVE a "won't fix" option.

  8. Marcurios

    Apr 01, 2014 14:32

    I'm glad i didn't buy Unity yet, cause i also have this error, and after searching for days on the net i could not find any fix for it, so now i have decided that i'm just going to use the Cryengine instead of a gameengine whose bugs won't get fixed.

  9. kleinfb

    Mar 27, 2014 03:41

    Won't fix?? Is this a joke?

  10. chiapet1021

    Mar 17, 2014 20:57

    Why has this issue been designated as "Won't Fix"? It seems to be a rampant error causing performance issues for many of us.

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