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Migrating project from Mac to Windows disallow switching from Android to Standalone

Deployment Management


How to reproduce:
1. Create new project on Mac
2. Change Build Setting to Android
3. Open the same project on Windows
4. Try to change Buil Settings to Standalone

Expected result: Unity allows changing Build Settings from Android to Standalone
Actual result: Unity disallow changing Build Settings from Android to Standalone. Appears message: "Standalone Player is not supported in this build. Download a build that supports it".

Reproduced with: 5.6.3f1, 2017.1.0f3, 2017.1.0p3, 2017.2.0b6, 2017.3.0a3

Workaround: Switch to standalone platform on Mac before migrating to Windows

Note: If you don't have installed Android target support, then Unity automatically switch platform to Standalone

  1. Resolution Note:

    This appears to be due to keeping the Library folder in tact while moving from mac to windows. This is not supported behavior for more reasons than build-settings getting stuck. If using version control (and thus excluding the Library folder), this issue will not happen.

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  1. smosh92

    May 29, 2018 05:18

    but i dont have a mac available. what do i do then? :\

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