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Meshes constantly increasing while leaving Profiler open

Graphics - General



Priority: 2Necessary for shipping a final release


Severity: 4Minor or cosmetic issue

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create New project and open it
2. Go to Window-Profiler
3. Check Memory field
4. Check Profile Editor and Current
5. Wait for ~10 minutes

Result: number of Meshes are continuously increasing and taking more memory.

Note: Number of Meshes returns to 0 after closing Profiler or just moving the window. If left for 30 minutes open, it can increase over 300 Mb (see attached picture).
Reproduced with Windows and Mac.

Reproduced with: 2017.1.0b1, 5.6.0p1, 5.5.0a5, 5.4.0f3.
Not reproduced with: 5.3.6p2, 5.2.5f1.

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