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[Memory Profler] Memory Map - "Native Memory (Allocated)" sections can fall outside of "Native Memory (Reserved)" sections

Package: Memory Profiler


How to reproduce:
1. Open any (empty) Unity Project (2018.3 or newer) and under Player Settings / Other make sure Color Space to Linear
2. Open the Memory Profiler (Window->Analysis->Memory Profiler)
3. Load in the user attached snapshot "Snapshot-637297360362316477.snap"
5. Open the snapshot and to to the Memory Map view
6. Set the Row Size to 16 MB and toggle Display Filters > Native Objects off
7. Inspect the memory map, find the Native Allocations highlighted in the screenshots
8. Draw up a Selection over some of these allocations and check the bottom panel, switching between Allocations and Regions

Actual result:
- The Selection highlight is drawn above the Allocations.
- The Allocations do not belong into a corresponding Region.
- The Allocations are drawn at 40% opacity, their color therefore appears to be lighter/darker (depending on the user Editor theme) than what the Legend above the map claims to be the color for "Native Memory (Allocated)"
Expected result: The Native Allocations are part of a Region of "Native Memory (Reserved)" and their color corresponds to that of the Legend.

Reproducible with: Any Unity version from 2018.3 up and any version of com.unity.memoryprofiler that includes the Memory Map, up to and including 0.2.5-preview.1

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 0.4.0-preview.1):

    Allocations can be made outside of a Native Region if the Dynamic Heap Allocator is not used (i.e. if the System Allocator is used). This fix only addresses these Objects and Allocations drawn outside of Regions appearing transparent. It does not list a Region for them, if the Dynamic Heap Allocator wasn't used.

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