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Memory Profiler - Session groups unfold automatically at any given time

Package: Memory Profiler


*Current behaviour:*
The session list unfolds completely when the following happens:
* When the focus shifts to UnityEditor. In other words, when it is in the foreground.
* When played in Editor
* Immediately after Capture with MemoryProfiler
* When Snapshot data is selected in Memory Profiler


*Expected behaviour:*

*1) General behaviour upon opening of the memory profiler or opening of a snapshot (no capture taken):*
* At any given time, the session list should retain information about which sessions are open and which sessions are closed according to how the user has set up their workspace
* If it is not possible to retain information when the memory profiler is closed or unfocussed, the expectation is at the next opening/focussing, the latest session should be open and the other sessions closed. 

*2) Behaviour when capturing a snapshot*
* When capturing a snapshot, the corresponding session should be opened. All the other sessions should retain the current state (if open, stay open. If closed, stay closed).

*3) Behaviour when opening an existing snapshot*
* When opening an existing snapshot, all sessions should retain the current state (if open, stay open, if closed, stay closed)


* When a new capture is taken, the corresponding session should be opened to allow users to immediately inspect the capture. 

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