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[Memory Profiler] Memory Profiler supposedly captured a 0.5 GB big string object

Package: Memory Profiler


How to Reproduce:
1. Open an empty Project, install the Memory Profiler and Import the attached snapshot file
2. Open the snapshot

Expected: The Managed Memory breakdown's "Objects" metric is smaller than the Memory Usage breakdown's "Managed Heap" "in Use" metric
Actual: The Managed Memory breakdown's "Objects" metric is bigger than even the Memory Usage breakdown's "Managed Heap" "Reserved" metric

3. Find the System.String item in the Tree Map and select it

Expected: The table underneath the Tree Map gets filtered to a list of string Objects
Actual: An ArgumentOutOfRangeException with the message "Attempted to read outside of binary buffer." is thrown and the table only shows a broken first line

Also: The Tree Map item for System.String shows that 0.52 GB of memory is supposedly used for String objects. Note that in this snapshot, this is down to an invalid object that is interpreted as a string.

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 0.4.4-Preview.1):

    Fixed in: Memory Profiler 0.4.4-preview.2

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