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Memory Profiler crash when taking snapshot in il2cpp::vm::MemoryInformation::CopyHeapSection



How to reproduce:

1. Open attached Xcode project
2. Deploy to device
3. Go through the menus until the in-game 3d section
- The crash happens more frequently while in-game
4. Open the Memory Profiler in Unity (
5. In the Profiler Window attach the profiler to the device
6. Open the MemoryProfiler window
7. Click Take Snapshot
- Repeat step 6 any number of times (takes about 6 or 7)
- Eventually it should crash

- Reproduced with Unity 5.3.3p2 and the current MemoryProfiler revision
- Reproduced on iPad 3 (iOS 9.1)
- Not reproducible on iPhone 6+ (iOS 9.2). iPadMini 3 (iOS 8.4.1), iPadMini 4 (iOS 9.1)

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