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Postponed means that the issue was either a feature request or something that requires major refactoring on our side. Since that makes the issue not actionable in the close future we choose to close it as Postponed and add it on our internal roadmaps and technical debt pages instead.




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Many classes with generated code cause editor to take a long time to enter Play mode

Editor - Other


To reproduce:

1. Open project, attached by user (Star
2. Open "Main" scene if not open
2. Press Play
3. Observe how long it takes to enter play mode

Expected: after pressing Play, editor should enter the Play mode almost immediately
Actual: it takes up to 15 seconds to enter Play mode

Reproduced in 2017.1.0b1, 2017.1.0b2, 2017.1.0b3, 2017.1.0b4
Could not reproduce in 5.6 and 5.5 because of us not supporting backwards compatibility. User claims it's been like this since 5.5

Postponed: poor scaling that requires optimization.

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