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[macOS] [Editor] [Player] Keypress is never cancelled if a system gesture removes focus from window



This repros on BOTH THE EDITOR AND PLAYER. It requires a trackpad.


1) Open attached project and open SampleScene.Unity
2) Open console window
3) HOLD the UP ARROW KEY  while you 3-finger pan to bring up macOS Mission Control.
4) Wait a few seconds, then CLICK on the Unity window in mission control.

Result: The key is still reporting that it is pressed

Expected: It should have been canceled with it was released or when macOS Mission Control was brought up. Not sure how macOS Mission Control affects input routing.

Now follow similar steps in the player and you will see the same behavior.

  1. Resolution Note (2022.2.X):

    macOS does not send the events to us, either keyup or any notification that we're in mission control.

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