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[macOS] Application.persistentDataPath returns Library/Caches instead of Library/ApplicationSupport when cache folder is present



When cache folder is available, Application.persistentDataPath incorrectly returns its location instead of Library/ApplicationSupport.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Open the latest attached project (
2) Assets > Build AssetBundles.
3) Build the project for macOS.
4) Run the build.
- Application.persistentDataPath is printed on the screen. Notice that it points to ~/Library/ApplicationSupport/<companyName>/<productName>
5) Press 'Load AssetBundle' button.
- After a couple seconds, a sphere appears in the scene. Cache folder is generated in ~/Library/Caches/.
- Now Application.persistentDataPath points to ~/Library/Caches/unity.<companyName>.<productName>
6) Press 'Delete Cache' button.
- The cache folder is deleted.
- Application.persistentDataPath points to Library/ApplicationSupport again.

Expected: Application.persistentDataPath always points to Library/ApplicationSupport.
Actual: Application.persistentDataPath points to Library/Caches when there is a cache folder available.

This does not reproduce on Windows.

Reproduced on:
2017.1.0a6, 5.4.5p1, 5.3.8f1

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