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[LWRP] Metal: Fragment shader missing buffer binding at index 3 (_LightIndexBuffer / PBR Master)

Package: Scriptable Render Pipeline Lightweight


SRP Repo: Issue #1524

What happened?

I upgraded to the latest 2.0.1 preview for the Lightweight Pipeline & Shadergraph packages. I'm now getting the following warning when I edit a shader:

'Metal: Fragment shader missing buffer binding at index 3 (_LightIndexBuffer / PBR Master)'

This will repeat 4 times, and then there is no preview of the shader results in the Shadergraph editor. Downgrading everything back to the last version works fine again.

Which package (Shader graph, LW, HDRP, Core...)?
Shader Graph

Unity template or github source code?
Template from Package Manager

Which package version or branch (1.1.8-preview, 2.0.0-preview, 2018.1, 2018.1-experiment, 2108.2...)?
Packages are Shadergraph 2.0.1 Preview, LW Render Pipeline 2.0.1, Render Pipeline Core 2.0.7

Unity version, operating system, target platform (standalone windows, mac, iOS, PS4...)?
Unity Version 2018.2.0b7
MacOS is target and OS

Comments (11)

  1. Bcad093b5b6c0b61f0b418d4a1d8523c?d=mm


    Oct 18, 2018 05:24

    Still an issue 2018.2.10f1

  2. 0445a8c3b198605f43c73185982b8fdf?d=mm


    Oct 14, 2018 06:16

    Unity 2018.2.5f1 with Lightweight Render Pipeline 3.0.0-preview
    Mac OS X
    Metal: Fragment shader missing buffer binding at index 4 (_LightIndexBuffer / PBR Master)(4950)

    Issue NOT FIXED !!!! aarrrrggghhhhhhrrrrr.........

  3. A7d1ce94000265f964f2c7b32b2fb042?d=mm


    Oct 12, 2018 07:47

    Not fixed in 2018.1.7.f1. macbook pro 13" 2015, OS 10.13.6 (high sierra) .
    Really wanted to try out Google VR sampleScene but don't know how to get around this problem.

  4. F554d5d7c36304d4d53bbb72d8927c97?d=mm


    Oct 06, 2018 23:52

    This is not fixed. 2018.2.9.f1.

    Very dissapointing

  5. 72d243ceb14df09220d9e60a95d5cf29?d=mm


    Sep 20, 2018 14:52

    Yep it completely busted, also the normal map issue in not fixed

  6. 9eaa843e45343b7086dae22a12a843cb?d=mm


    Sep 05, 2018 08:22

    Unity 2018.2.6f1 with Lightweight Render Pipeline 3.0.0-preview
    Mac OS X, running 10.13.6 iMac Late 2013
    Metal: Fragment shader missing buffer binding at index 4 (_LightIndexBuffer / PBR Master)(4950)

  7. F4cf77b3618ccb539570acd6d55f0476?d=mm


    Aug 12, 2018 22:24

    Experiencing the same issue with 2018.2.3, LWRP 3.0.0-preview. seems to only happen in new projects. Can't replicate it in an older project which I initially created in 2017.1. Everything seems ok, when I create a project from the LWRP template, but it bombs out when I start creating my own shaders.

  8. 2388b0132f37eab09014cb122d13dcbf?d=mm


    Aug 03, 2018 19:01

    Still happens in 2018.2.2f1, LWRP 3.0.0-preview

  9. 1cf3afa37ab6cdb3641ad94003935907?d=mm


    Jul 24, 2018 03:12

    Have the same issue on Mac OS High Sierra, MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017).
    Unity 2018.2.0f2 Personal.
    Lightweight Render Pipeline 3.0.0-preview.

    Tons of these warnings on a scene:
    Metal: Vertex shader missing buffer binding at index 6 (_LightIndexBuffer / LightweightPipeline/Standard (Physically Based))

  10. 9e1c12adb2886227797e87771b947959?d=mm


    Jul 23, 2018 06:09

    Same issue still occurs in 3.0.0-preview

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