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[Shuriken] Low-quality particle collision exhibits unintuitive behaviour



Low quality particle collision seems to "remember" the collider even after the collider is removed.

Repro steps:
1. Open attached project
2. Open the ParticleSystem_Collision_LowQuality scene
3. Press play
4. Move "CollisionSprite" up to intersect with the particle system
5. Move "CollisionSprite" back down to no longer intersect with the particle system
6. Observe how the particle stream acts as if the collision sprite is still there.

Expected behaviour: Consistent behaviour with High/Medium quality or more information as to special Low quality behaviour.

- a quick chat in devs-particles suggested that "low" quality is for static objects.
- object tested in the scene is dynamic (perhaps adding information in the inspector that low quality works on static objects only and then disabling collision with dynamic objects could make it more intuitive?)

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