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Locked inspectors aren't remembered between runs of Unity

Inspector Functionality


Locked inspectors aren't remembered between runs of Unity

Because the Inspector is used for practically everything, the ability to lock it is extremely useful. With locked inspectors, it often makes sense to have more than one inspector in a window layout.

However, inspector locks are not remembered by Unity across runs or window layouts. This means that inspectors have to be set up every time a project is opened or the window layout is changed.

The current division between settings that are in inspectors (Render Settings, Input, etc.) and that have their own tabs (Light mapping, PVS calculation, etc.) seems pretty arbitrary, except that settings which are newer to Unity tend to get their own window instead of using the Inspector.

The result of this division is that only some settings can be part of a window layout. Others must be opened and then locked to an inspector every time a project is opened or the layout is changed.

I realize that it is not always possible for an inspector to remember its locked target between projects, as that target may not exist in all projects. When it does, however, it would be very useful if the inspector remembered rather than having to be manually set every time.

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