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Loading a scene with a large amount of light probes causes a performance spike



*Steps to reproduce:*
# Download and open user attached project (
# Open the "startingscene" scene & the profiler
# Start play mode
# Press "T" key to load using Additive
# Observe spike in profiler
# Stop play mode
# Repeat above, but press "Y" key to load using Single

* We thought that is reproduces in 2021.3.5f1, 2022.1.7f1, 2022.2.0a13, 2023.1.0a1, but that was only a "few milliseconds spike", not the "few seconds spike" the user is seeing.
* Both LoadSceneMode.Single and LoadSceneMode.Additive causes a performance spike
* PostLoadSceneStaticLightmapSettings seems to be the culprit (see attached screenshots)

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