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Linux Visual Effect Graph compilation fails with a DirectoryNotFoundException when platform is set to Android, IOS or WebGL

Package: Visual Effect Graph


How to reproduce:
1. Create a new 3D project
2. Press Ctrl+Shift+B to open the Build Settings window and switch the platform to Android
3. Open the Package Manager and install the "Visual Effect Graph" package
4. In the Project window create a new visual effect graph by right-clicking and going to "Create > Visual Effects > Visual Effect Graph"
5. Double click to open the created VFX asset
6. Press the "Compile" button located in the top left corner of the newly opened window
7. Observe the console output

Expected result: the console remains empty and the VFX graph is compiled successfully
Actual result: the graph compilation fails and a "DirectoryNotFoundException" is thrown in the console

Reproducible with package versions: 4.10.0 - preview (2018.4.28f1), 7.3.1(2019.4.12f1), 8.2.0 (2020.1.9f1), 10.0.0-preview.27 (2020.2.0b7)

1. Reproducible on Ubuntu 18.04
2. Not reproducible on Windows 10
3. Reproduces when the platform is set to either Android, IOS or WebGL
4. Doesn't reproduce when the platform is set to Standalone

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 11.0.0):

    The error for this problem is pretty straightforward :
    In `com.unity.visualeffectgraph/Editor/Compiler/VFXCodeGenerator.cs`, we had to replace UNITY_STANDALONE_LINUX by UNITY_EDITOR_LINUX.

    Fixed in Visual Effect Graph 11.0.0

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