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[Linux] Editor does not quit when pressing the X button, sometimes crashes instead



How to reproduce:
1. Create a new project
2. Enter Play mode
3. Exit Play mode
4. Press X to quit the Editor

Expected results: Editor shuts down
Actual results: Editor does not shut down, however it becomes unresponsive

- It is not always reproducible, but it's mostly when a lot of work has been done on a beefy project (building, importing, loading)
- Up until 2020.1.0a8 this was always reproducible when the current platform was set to Android
- If this reproduces, the 'Unity' process disappears and the only way to quit the Editor is to kill the 'Main Thread' process
- When and if it crashes, similar stack traces to this are thrown:
#0 0x0055b7b70f3004 in DualThreadAllocator<DynamicHeapAllocator>::ValidateIntegrity(void const*) const
#1 0x0055b7b70e1702 in MemoryManager::Deallocate(void*, MemLabelId const&, char const*, int)
#2 0x0055b7b4e30c97 in dynamic_array<unsigned char, 0ul>::~dynamic_array()
#3 0x0055b7b7735895 in Texture2D::DestroyTexture()
#4 0x0055b7b766e838 in Cubemap::~Cubemap()

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  1. D2f9897ac4e844812d1ed363c96514b4?d=mm


    Aug 19, 2019 08:03

    Stable reproduce on latest Unity Hub, latest Unity Editor and latest Ubuntu (KDE). Always hanging up on exit from Unity Editor.

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