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[Linux Editor] Can scroll entire editor interface after certain window docking actions



After placing window at very top or bottom of editor, you can scroll the entire editor. This causes visual issues and the editor is difficult to use.
Image in case comments, as well as video demo.

1. Start a new project
2. Drag a docked window to the very top or bottom of the editor.
3. Scroll with the mouse wheel.

Expected outcome: Nothing happens.
Actual outcome: Entire editor interface scrolls, causing visual issues.

Reproducible in 2022.1.0a5.673, 2021.2.0b9, 2021.2.0b1, 2021.2.0a1
Not Reproducible in 2021.1.18f1, 2019.4.29f1, 2018.4.36f1

Tested and reproducible on Ubuntu 18.04. Also tested on MacOS Catalina and Windows 10, not reproducible.
- Window must be dragged over the section of the UI at the top that holds the Collaborate, Services, Layers and Layout buttons.
- Alternatively, window must be dragged over the bottom section of the UI that holds icons for debugger, cache server, auto generate lighting.
- Must restart editor to stop the issue.

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