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[Linux] [Bolt] Fuzzy Finder window blinks when trying to add a node in the Graph window

Package: Bolt


*Reproducible on:*
* Bolt version: 1.4.13
* Unity version: 2019.4.17f1, 2020.2.0b10, 2020.2.1f1, 2021.1.0a2, 2021.1.0b1
* Platform: Ubuntu 18.04

*Reproduction steps:*
# Open a new or an existing project
# Download and install the latest version of Bolt
# Add a Bolt component to a GameObject
# Add a new Flow Macro in the component
# Open the Graph and right-click to open the Fuzzy Finder
# Move your mouse around the window

*Actual result:*
* The Fuzzy Finder window blinks

*Expected result:*
* Nothing happens

* Not reproducible on macOS or Windows
* Could not test with: 2020.1.13f1, 2020.1.17f1 (Bolt 1.4.13) (the Editor gets frozen upon opening the Graph window)

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