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[LightProbes] Undoing light probe changes persist when group is deselected

Progressive Lightmapper


Undoing changes made to a light probe group (i.e. moving, adding, or deleting probes) visually persists when the group is deselected.

Repro steps:
1. Open BounceTest scene from attached project.
2. Select Light Probe Group and make a few changes to the probes (i.e. move a few probes around.)
3. Click away from the light probe group to deselect it. Now undo the changes you've made.
4. Select the light probe group again and see it appears as expected
5. Deselect it and observe how the changes that were undone still show.

Expected outcome: To not see changes that were undone.

- the light probe group must be deselected before undoing the changes, or a number of changes need to be made. Simply moving a probe and undoing will not show the issue.
- deactivating and reactivating the light probe group removes the issue
- tried for regression in 5.3.1f1, still present.

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