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Lighting is incorrect when a custom projection matrix is set on the camera



See attached image.
Regression from 3.5
Steps to reproduce.
1. Open scene (camera_repro)
2.Press Play: 2 views of the same scene, one using a normal ortho camera (green background), and the second using a custom projection matrix. (to see camera (with green background) choose "Camera 2 (Normal ortho)" in the Hierarchy and check and uncheck camera check box)(also please see in Scene tab)
3. Lighting is incorrect with the custom projection matrix (on the camera with blue background you can't see red light. To see it - try to move light to the right)

Comments (2)

  1. vrdaveb

    Aug 06, 2014 02:59

    We found the lighting behaves a lot better if you divide _ProjectionParams.z by 2. If you grab the 4.5.2 shader source ZIP and look at the code in Internal-PrePassLighting.shader's CalculateLight(..) function:

    half4 CalculateLight (v2f i)
    i.ray = i.ray * (_ProjectionParams.z / i.ray.z);
    float2 uv = i.uv.xy / i.uv.w;

    should be

    half4 CalculateLight (v2f i)
    i.ray = i.ray * (_ProjectionParams.z / (2.0 * i.ray.z));
    float2 uv = i.uv.xy / i.uv.w;

    CalculateLight may need more changes to support custom projection matrices.

  2. vrdaveb

    Jul 29, 2014 20:35

    This also breaks lighting and shadows in deferred rendering if you have an asymmetric frustum, which is very common in stereoscopic rendering.

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