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[iPV6][iOS] Exception when trying to access Socket.LocalEndPoint



To Reproduce:

1. Download the attahced project.
2. Set up an ipv6 environment and connect an iOS device to it.
3. Configure ConnectionSetup (with an ipv4 adress) on a device which is connected to an ip4 env:

ip4 network - PC/mac (which runs unity editor as a server)
Mac ipv6 “router”
ios device

3. Enter the same address:port in the Ipv6Test script.
4. Run the TcpServer scene on your server device.
(notice that the ipv4 address is transformed
4. Deploy scene “ipv6_test” to the iOS device.
5. Observe that it succeeds to connect to the server, but it fails with an an exception when trying to access “Scoket.LocalEndPoint”:

- same happens when both devices are on an iPV6 network.
- this is NOT reproducible when both serve and the device are on an ipv4 network.

Comments (3)

  1. zzh1234567

    Jun 15, 2016 16:20

    We have the same problem:

  2. JoshPeterson

    Jun 07, 2016 16:10

    We have corrected this issue now, and the fix should be available in upcoming patch releases.

  3. 0boggart0

    Jun 07, 2016 15:08

    I faced a similar issue and found out, that this reproducable on IL2CPP scripting backend, but works ok on mono.

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