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[iOS] Using ReplayKit breaks screen auto-rotation



When starting a ReplayKit broadcast a UIViewController and UIWindow are created. These do not abide to the supported orientations chosen by the user and so weird rotation effects start to occur. There is a "rotate to portrait" animation and the status bar appears at the top of the screen, even though the application is meant to be locked to landscape only orientations. Also, as the UIViewController/UIWindow are not removed when stopping the broadcast the effect continues.

You need an iOS device with a third party broadcasting app (Mobcrush) installed in order to use the ReplayKit broadcasting functionality and repro this bug.

To repro:
1) Open attached project
2) Build and run on iOS device (tested iPhone 7 Plus)
3) See game is locked to landscape (both left and right)
4) Start broadcasting (click gui button)
5) See now when rotating to portrait there is a rotation animation and the status bar appears at top
6) Stop broadcasting and see that this odd status bar screen rotating bug still occurs (only stops if you restart the app)

Repro'd on 5.4.5p2.

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