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[iOS] Using device camera on iOS 10 causes the application to be terminated



Steps to reproduce:
1) Open the attached project.
2) Build and deploy to an iOS 10 device.

The build crashes instantly, an error message appears in the Xcode console:
'This app has crashed because it attempted to access privacy-sensitive data without a usage description. The app's Info.plist must contain an NSCameraUsageDescription key with a string value explaining to the user how the app uses this data.'

Comments (32)

  1. D9a812855f7ac3bc04d5aa57e48919af?d=mm


    Mar 29, 2019 03:32

    file->build settings->player settings->other settings->camera usage description->put your reason and it worked for me

  2. 15e45b9d34739fc506e15439688c564f?d=mm


    Mar 22, 2017 17:16

    Actually it did not totally work. Upload was successful and the build shows up on iTunes connect but I am still getting the email from apple saying I have to add the key to my plist.
    I don't want to have a message asking for webcam use if I am not using it, writing "not used" is not an option if my user gets a prompt. Has anyone found a fix that will not confuse users?

  3. 15e45b9d34739fc506e15439688c564f?d=mm


    Mar 22, 2017 17:10

    Still happening on my Unity 5.5.2f1.

    The workaround suggested on worked !

  4. D1046e176e3436515b7339184e32a0c9?d=mm


    Feb 22, 2017 07:48

    I am using Unity 5.5.1f1
    not using camera but app just fails uploading and apple says that I need to describe where I am using camera. It's ok for apps that are using privacy sensitive content but when I am not using. Why would it need me to still input ?

  5. A6adb93d66723b19846147e5a4b7402f?d=mm


    Feb 14, 2017 12:41

    Add in the info.Plist key 'NSCameraUsageDescription' with the value 'not used'

  6. 666d05472d42b1d0f245202e9c3eb589?d=mm


    Feb 09, 2017 19:52

    For all you guys having this issue (I've just had it today), I've found this thread that suggests a workaround for Unity to stop requesting Camera access when your game does not need it:

    Haven't tried it yet, but I'm gonna do it tonight. I'll let you guys know if it works for me.

    I'm using Unity 5.5.1f1 Plus.

  7. F14da2dfa0dcd69e0b132db6f15be71c?d=mm


    Feb 08, 2017 11:31

    Issue still there in 5.5.1f1

    I add in the info.Plist the line :
    Privacy - Camera Usage Description

    with the value :
    $(PRODUCT_NAME) Camera use

    And it passes the upload process.
    but I don't want my users to think I'm using the camera ! Simply because I don't use and I don't do nothing with the camera in the game !

  8. 7f525f3f98ac04d891b5d184e415c85f?d=mm


    Feb 06, 2017 22:05

    I`m adding this in Unity in each section:
    The game does not use camera for any purpose
    The game does not use Microphone for any purpose

  9. D60554136167c6b206a3fe4dfc070ddf?d=mm


    Nov 12, 2016 00:11

    Disregard my prior comment. My app doesn't crash, I just can't publish to the App Store because Apple says I need to describe why I'm trying to use the camera. Sounds like my issue is related but not identical.

  10. D60554136167c6b206a3fe4dfc070ddf?d=mm


    Nov 12, 2016 00:09

    Has anyone solved this? I'm on 5.4.1f1. There is no Camera Usage Description and my app doesn't use the camera. My app published to Google Play with no issues but now I'm stuck trying to get it into the App Store.

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