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[iOS][ReplayKit] Recording with ReplayKit fails on iOS 11 latest beta



Steps to reproduce:

1. Open attached project
2. Build 'Test' scene for iOS
3. Run on a device with latest iOS 11 beta (15A5341f)
4. Click "Start Recording" and then choose "Record Screen" when the popup appears
5. Notice the recording fails with error:
'startRecordingWindowLayerContextIDs:windowSize:microphoneEnabled:cameraEnabled:broadcast:systemRecording:captureEnabled:listenerEndpoint:withHandler:', dropping incoming message and calling failure block.
Exception: accessing _cachedSystemAnimationFence requires the main thread

Doesn't reproduce with earlier iOS versions (including earlier iOS 11 betas)
Broadcasting seems to work fine.

Comments (13)

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    Jul 11, 2020 15:08

  4. F3ba5a6ec5ef25830559cf51e72f3c36?d=mm


    Jul 10, 2018 17:30

    release notes on 2018.2 don't say it is fixed. any idea when it will be back ported to 5.6.*?

  5. D748093f708010d2abc30e5825d27a77?d=mm


    Mar 21, 2018 04:38

    I saw the status "Fixed in future release" from a long time ago (may be 2017.2?) Now they released 2017.4.0f1 and this bug has not fixed yet? What is that future release? 2020? 2030?

  6. 98190935593a1d1dce3a9898e5a6fab3?d=mm


    Nov 09, 2017 08:53

    Problem also exists in Unity 5.6.4p1 / Xcode 9.1 / iOS 11.1 (15B83). Severe on iPhone 6, not so bad on iPad Pro 9 inch. Seems worse on my test devices than I thought previously. Sometimes I don't get the "Error Code=-5804 "Failed during recording" UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Failed during recording}" error code, but then another problem arises: videos are not always saved when we tap save in the preview window.
    In this thread:
    lupidan suggests that it is a problem with Apple and not Unity, so we should probably go here to let Apple know:

  7. 98190935593a1d1dce3a9898e5a6fab3?d=mm


    Oct 24, 2017 11:06

    Have also encountered this issue previously, also before iOS11. Usually it works fine on my own test devices, but once in a while a user will contact me with the issue. Sometimes a restart of the device or a re-install of the app can solve it, but not always.

  8. 453377bc8de444aa87c1fe33496fb765?d=mm


    Oct 18, 2017 13:04

    Hi guys. I had the same issue (xCode 9.0, unity 2017.1.0f3). I resolved it by simple phone relaunch

  9. A816fea1d06711990569986d8bbc472a?d=mm


    Oct 17, 2017 15:31

    Still crashing with 2017.2 with iOs 11.

  10. 563f71acb8fe8aee20bfa115d7495c9a?d=mm


    Oct 14, 2017 21:40

    same problem with 2017.2

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