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Fixed in 2023.2.0b11, 2023.3.0a3



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[iOS] Images used in Relative & Constant launch screens aren't included in the generated Xcode build, resulting in the Xcode build failing



Steps to reproduce:
# Open attached project (
# Switch to iOS platform
# Make sure that 'Unity Launch Screens' are set up with the included images (Player Settings/Splash Image)
# Build for iOS
# Open the generated Xcode project and try to build via Xcode

Expected result: Launch screen images are included in Xcode project, the build succeeds and the image is displayed on device.
Actual result: Launch screen images are missing & building via Xcode fails because of that.

Note: Same happens with relative and constant launch screens (as stated in the title). Using 'Default' launch screen does include the default, black-ish images in the resulting build.

Reproduced with: 2023.2.0b3
Not reproducible with: 2022.3.5f1

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