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[iOS] Crash on presentRenderbuffer:GL_RENDERBUFFER in PresentGles when loading a scene on A9 devices



To Reproduce:

1. Build and deploy the project attached to the comment to an iPhone 6S.
2. Press the home button and reopen the app (might be necessary to repeat this several times (up to 5-10)).

The app crashes in PresentGles / [surface->context presentRenderbuffer:GL_RENDERBUFFER]; (stacktrace)

The scene which is loaded only has a mesh with a standard shader and a script which continuously switches between it and another scene with a canvas and an UI image.

Could only reproduce on an iPhone 6s, so this might be A9 specific, couldn't reproduce on:

iPhone 6+ iOS 9.0
iPhone 6+ iOS 8.0
iPad mini 4 iOS 9.0
iPad mini 2 iOS 9.0

Only reproducible with GLES2, no crash when using Metal


Seems to be an A9 driver issues, we've submitted a bug to apple:

Radar: 23225771 Crash in EAGL presentRenderBuffer when awaking from backgrounded state

and we're waiting for their response.


Apple have fixed this bug in the upcoming iOS 9.3.3.

The bug in the current iOS is related to accessing mips in cubemap textures, so work arounds for supporting devices before this update include not using cubemaps and using legacy cubemap assets (which allow mipmaps to be turned off).

Unfortunately, even with the fix in the new iOS, it is still possible to get crashes on A9/A9x devices when using openGLES. These cases seem to be related to reflection probes and can be avoided by marking reflection probe textures as uncompressed. We are continuing to investigate and talk to Apple about these remaining crashes.

Comments (24)

  1. 3c37949e71d9f064eca73b118f989ce9?d=mm


    Apr 10, 2016 02:53

    Getting this crash as well, even on an empty scene. Iphone 6s crashes, 5s and 6 are fine. If we use metal instead of OpenGL ES 2/3 it stops crashing but performance is much worse.

  2. D997b617f55d6d349b5d7dae10b80054?d=mm


    Mar 14, 2016 23:56

    Re: submitted bug to Apple

    If this is caused by an Apple driver issue, why does the bug not happen with older versions of Unity?

  3. D997b617f55d6d349b5d7dae10b80054?d=mm


    Mar 14, 2016 23:54

    Still happening with Unity-5.3.3p3.

    It's extremely frustrating to have zero response from Unity on this. It is clearly a nasty bug that we have no ability to fix. My team is stuck on 5.1.4 because of this bug.

  4. 3b6a4ff1d452c2767ff2250f7a432052?d=mm


    Mar 09, 2016 21:07

    Happens on Unity 5.3.3f1 with iPhone 6S and iPad Pro. Doesn't happen on iPhone 4S and iPhone 5S.

  5. Be25e9d6a2c00d133695247492e2ab64?d=mm


    Feb 22, 2016 12:38

    We've seen this issue on 6S and 6S Plus in Unity 5.3.1 with Opengl ES2.0 when pulling the notification or the WIFI bar or when going to background on first launch

  6. Feda8ec069693d4b2c24612d019405e0?d=mm


    Feb 19, 2016 06:16

    We're also seeing this issue, but not under these reproduction steps.

    Unity 5.3.2p3, GLES3.0, iPhone 6s+, we're just trying to work with an empty scene.

  7. 730a08782f1d834bc369b67faccb503b?d=mm


    Feb 16, 2016 12:58

    Still crash on iPhone 6s with OpenGLES 3.0

  8. C5824c2db5ded2ad0d96e74c0678a66a?d=mm


    Jan 15, 2016 22:36

    We're seeing this all the time using iPadPro with graphic settings NOT turned to automatic ( so no Metal ). It happens between loading levels.

  9. A3925597708c27e63d73afdab2721ac9?d=mm


    Jan 03, 2016 16:05

    Crash on iphone 6s and GLES 2.0.

  10. 0dccdd6c9a4b84b82befc9099a4ef794?d=mm


    Dec 23, 2015 08:00

    Also I would like to add that it worked fine on unity 4.6.x, and it is broken at least on Unity 5.2.3f1 and 5.3.0.

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