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[iOS] Crash in AGXMetal`AGX::Framebuffer<AGX::G3::Encoders, AGX::G3::Classes, AGX::G3::ObjClasses>::Framebuffer




Priority: 2Necessary for shipping a final release


Severity: 1Crash, freeze, data loss, work stops

Steps to reproduce:
1) Open the attached project.
2) Build for iOS.
3) Open the Xcode project and go to 'Build Phases' > Expand 'Link Binary With Libraries'.
4) Drag and drop the attached 'libicucore.tbd' file to 'Link Binary With Libraries' (needed because of case 820487).
5) Deploy to an iOS 8.4.X device.

The app will crash during its initial setup in AGXMetal`AGX::Framebuffer<AGX::G3::Encoders, AGX::G3::Classes, AGX::G3::ObjClasses>::Framebuffer. This crash does not occur with OpenGLES. The crash seems to only occur on iOS 8.4 devices.

Reproduced on:
5.4.0f3 - iPad Mini 3, 8.4.1

Did not reproduce:

Other tested devices:
iPhone 6, 9.3
iPhone 6+, 8.0
iPad Air, 8.1.1
iPad Air 9.1

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