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[iOS] Back Triple Camera is not focusing manually and automatically



# Open the "WebCamTexture-TestProject" project
# Build and Run for the iOS Platform
# In the app choose "06_focusPoint_Test" Scene
# In the Scene select "Back Triple Camera"
# Place a small object in front of the device (not very far away and not too close)
# Try focusing manually by pressing on the object or pressing the "Auto Focus Point" button

*Expected result:* The camera focuses on the object both manually and automatically
*Actual result:* Pressing on the object doesn't do anything, auto-focus doesn't do anything

*Reproducible with:* 2021.3.30f1, 2022.3.10f1, 2023.1.15f1, 2023.20b11, 2023.30a7

*Reproducible with device:*
- VLNQA00352 - iPhone 12 Pro (MGML3ET/A), CPU: t8101, GPU: Apple designed, OS: 16.2

*Not reproducible with devices:*
- VLNQA00476 - iPhone 13 Pro Max (MLL63ET/A), CPU: t8110, OS: 17.0
- VLNQA00346 - iPad Air (4th generation) (MYFR2HC/A), CPU: t8101, OS: 14.3 (doesn't have a triple back camera)
- VLNQA00258 - iPhone Xs Max (MT502ET/A), CPU: t8020, GPU: Apple designed, OS: 14.4 (doesn't have a triple back camera)

  1. Resolution Note:

    Back Triple Camera is the same as Back Ultra Wide Camera
    iPhone 12's Ultrawide camera does not have PDAF (Phase Detection Auto Focus)

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