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Installing Unity to a different HDD still uses up space on the OS HDD



Repro Steps:

- Download the Unity Download HElper
- Select a few other build platforms (I had Android, WebGL, MacOS and Facebook Game Room)
- Select to download to a different HDD and to install to a different HDD
- Monitor the space you have on each HDD before, during and after the installation
- Notice that, at the end of the installation, 2GB of the OS drive have been used up
- Notice that, during the installation, Unity can take up to 6GB of the HDD - this is a problem for people that use a smaller SSD as their C: drive - in some cases, they may not be able to install Unity at all!

Note: this was tested on Windows only for now

  1. Resolution Note:

    Related to download location, currently Unity Hub download under temp before moving to designated folder. This feature is plan to be implemented in later date.

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