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Individual baking of reflection probe is broken



Reproduction steps:

1. Open the user's attached project (
2. Open the scene TutorialScene_Lighting_Indoor
3. Select any reflection probe
4. In the Inspector click on the bake button

Expected result: Reflection Probe baked correctly
Actual result: Baked view has an incorrect rotation

- Reproduced with: 13.1.4 (2022.1.0b4), 13.1.5 (2022.2.0a1), 14.0.0 (2022.2.0a3, 2022.2.0a5)
- Not reproduced with: 12.0.0 (2022.1.0a10), 13.1.4 (2020.3.29f1, 2021.2.13f1), 13.1.5 (2022.1.0b5, 2022.1.0b9)
- Could not test with: 2019.4.36f1, 2020.3.30f1, 2021.2.12f1 (too many broken shaders)
- Affects URP only; other render pipelines are not affected

  1. Resolution Note:

    There are no fixes planned for this Bug

  2. Resolution Note (2023.1.X):

    Could not reproduce issues with baking via the reflection probe inspector bake button either in 2023.1a3. See attached video.

  3. Resolution Note (2022.2.X):

    Issue with baking individual probes via the bake button in the inspector does not reproduce in 2022.2a18

  4. Resolution Note (2022.1.X):

    Issue with ref probe baking via the probe inspector does not reproduce on 2022.1.7f1

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