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Realtime GI Lightmaps Not Updated In The First Frame

Global Illumination


The scene with only Precomputed Realtime GI enabled fails to display correct lightmap values after loading from a scene with light probes. Realtime GI Lightmaps are not updated in the first frame.The bug does not occur if the scene is loaded first when the standalone build is launched. It is not possible to reproduce the bug in the editor and the issue does not consistently appear. The bug occurs in both color spaces (Linear/Gamma).

It is observed that the scene takes awhile to load the data. Even though a workaround is possible by changing the refreshing mode of reflection probe, the same result can be observed while loading the scene with Realtime GI enabled.

Steps for the reproduction:

1) After opening the project attached in the case, ensure that lighting is built and has lightmaps.
2) Go to File > Build Settings and Build the project.
3) When the standalone build is launched, click on the 'Light Probes' button to load the next scene.
4) Then, click on the Realtime button to load the scene with Precomputed Realtime GI enabled.
5) Observe the bug (May have to switch between the scenes back and forth to reproduce the issue as it does not consistently occur).

- This issue demonstrates the combination of two issues. Over-brightness issue is related to #835423
- Workaround is to change the refresh mode of reflection probe from 'On Awake' to 'Every Frame'

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