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Inconsistent / confusing open and close of components of same type

Inspector Functionality


Inconsistent / confusing open and close of components of same type.

In the sample scene, look at the TestObj. It has 3 identical components, which for the sake of showing what's happening have an OnDrawGizmos event.

Make sure that all the scripts are 'open' (not minimized in the list of components in the inspector). Now close 1 of the 'TestDrawGizmos' components. It will minimize, and all the gizmos will disappear from the scene. This is indicative that all scripts of the same type have been closed in the inspector - if you click on the Main Camera and then back on TestObj, you'll see that they're now all showing as minimized. The same thing happens if you open one of the minimized scripts - they all get un-minimized, you can see the 3 gizmos, you just don't see any change in the inspector.

Ideally, minimizing one instance of a script wouldn't minimize every copy of that script everywhere. This is especially true when using gizmos - I might want to be able to hide one or two to be able to see/access other gizmos more easily.

I can understand why this might have been done purposefully (that's how the Gizmos dropdown in the scene view works, by minimizing all copies of the script in parallel), but as it is now it's very confusing behaviour.

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